1. 17 Feb, 2020 1 commit
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      build: use build context ReleaseTags slice that goes to go1.12 only · fce0ec30
      Jonathan Hall authored
      We want GopherJS 1.12-3 to have predictable behavior when building
      packages regardless of the version of Go it was built with; it should
      not be matching files with "// +build go1.13" constraints some times
      but not other times.
      Previously, ReleaseTags of the default build context were inherited
      from the Go version used to build GopherJS, which may be newer than
      Go 1.12.
      This change makes it have ReleaseTags that go up to go1.12 always.
      That corresponds to the major version of Go and its standard library
      that is supported by GopherJS 1.12-3.
      Fixes #969.
      GitHub-Pull-Request: #970
  2. 09 Feb, 2020 2 commits
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      compiler: bump GopherJS version to 1.12-3 · 89e6cbcd
      Dmitri Shuralyov authored
      This is the first version of GopherJS that can be built
      and used with a newer major version of Go (PR #966).
      Give it a new version number so it's easier to refer to it.
    • Dmitri Shuralyov's avatar
      support being built and used with newer versions of Go · f9cef593
      Dmitri Shuralyov authored
      This change removes the build-time check that GopherJS was built
      with Go version 1.12, and replaces it with a runtime check instead.
      Add and document a new GopherJS-specific environment variable:
      GOPHERJS_GOROOT - if set, GopherJS uses this value as the default GOROOT value,
                        instead of using the system GOROOT as the default GOROOT value
      The main reason that GopherJS required Go 1.12 to be built in the
      past was as a way of ensuring that the Go 1.12 standard library
      code is available on disk, which GopherJS 1.12-2 needs to build
      Go code. Now that the Go distribution can provided to GopherJS
      with convenience via the GOPHERJS_GOROOT environment variable,
      we can allow GopherJS to be built with a newer version of Go,
      as long as a Go 1.12 distribution is provided via GOPHERJS_GOROOT.
      Update GopherJS installation instructions to support being installed
      with Go 1.12 and newer versions of Go.
      The Go distribution version check is added to build.NewSession.
      That check may fail, and so it was necessary to add an error return
      value to the signature of build.NewSession. The build API is deemed
      semi-internal, so a breaking API change is unfortunate but acceptable.
      Regenerate ./compiler/natives with:
      	go generate ./...
      Fixes #941.
      GitHub-Pull-Request: #966
  3. 08 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  4. 06 Nov, 2019 1 commit
    • Nevkontakte's avatar
      node-syscall: fix support for Node 12 · ce3c9ade
      Nevkontakte authored
      Some APIs were removed in Node 12, and new "safer" APIs must be used
      instead. Perhaps this implementation is not the most elegant or produces
      less then ideal error messages, but at least it compiles.
      While at it, added an arena type to manage and gracefully free temporary
      buffers we allocate for the duration of the call.
      I couldn't find any tests for the syscall module, so I wrote a small one.
      Closes #935
      GitHub-Pull-Request: #949
  5. 15 Sep, 2019 1 commit
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  8. 12 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • Dmitri Shuralyov's avatar
      build, compiler/natives/src/reflect: remove Go 1.11-specific code (#933) · 5d271430
      Dmitri Shuralyov authored
      GopherJS 1.12 is out by now, so it's safe to remove this code that
      was added to deal with differences between Go 1.11.0 and Go 1.11.1.
      Do so by moving the actively used code from reflect_go1111.go back
      into reflect.go as it was before PR #865, and delete reflect_go111.go.
      There should not be any change in behavior.
      Regenerate ./compiler/natives.
      Updates #862.
  9. 30 Apr, 2019 2 commits
    • Hajime Hoshi's avatar
      compiler: update version to 1.12-2 (#914) · 3e4dfb77
      Hajime Hoshi authored
      Introducing `syscall/js` (#899) is so significant that we update
      the version.
    • Hajime Hoshi's avatar
      Add syscall/js (#908) · de1776fa
      Hajime Hoshi authored
      This PR adds a new package `syscall/js`. Originally `syscall/js` is for WebAssembly, but in GopherJS
      this package works as a wrapper of `github.com/gopherjs/gopherjs/js`. With this package,
      developers can use `syscall/js` both for GopherJS and WebAssembly.
      The implementation is basically same as `github.com/gohperjs/gopherwasm`.
      Fixes #899
  10. 11 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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  12. 28 Mar, 2019 26 commits