1. 27 Oct, 2020 3 commits
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    • Daniel Selifonov's avatar
      Couple of notes added prior to epoch refactoring · ab41559e
      Daniel Selifonov authored
      - Should probably base response time on the oldest outstanding epoch
        sent, and update the interval on prediction write rather than completion.
      - Epoch completion needs a single frame delay for some reason. Without it,
        there's some flickering around the updates.
    • Daniel Selifonov's avatar
      Set initial predictor sending interval to zero · 9f8e1c1f
      Daniel Selifonov authored
      This prevents superfluous underlines on the first character until
      we start getting network based measurements of the real value.
    • Daniel Selifonov's avatar
      Implemented epoch latency tracking to report to the predictor · ef58cf04
      Daniel Selifonov authored
      This resolves the issue of prediction underlines being active, even for
      the case where latency is effectively zero.
    • Daniel Selifonov's avatar
      Started cleanup of TODOs in interposer · 643d306a
      Daniel Selifonov authored
      Also added some notes about the predictor's SetSendInterval purpose.
      This seems to directly drive whether or not underlines are drawn for
      predictions. This needs to be adjusted (with epoch latency?) so that
      the low latency typical mode doesn't result in constant flickering
      prediction underlines that are resolved within a couple centiseconds.
  12. 21 Jul, 2019 2 commits
    • Daniel Selifonov's avatar
      Hacked up epochal updates works · edf3f1c6
      Daniel Selifonov authored
      It helps to actually update the pending flag when completing an epoch
      in the interposer.
      This is disgustingly hacked together and must be cleaned up before
      it is considered complete.
    • Daniel Selifonov's avatar
      WIP: epochal updates with disgusting hacks · 9254ca38
      Daniel Selifonov authored
      Added pending epoch tracking to epochal and passing it into the
      interposer in a very hacky way. Behavior in response to keystrokes
      is pretty much perfect, but server generated updates still don't
      show up if they aren't in response to a keystroke.